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December 2019 Edition
190 High-fliers Awarded Link University Scholarship
190 尖子獲領展大學生獎學金

190 High-fliers Awarded Link University Scholarship
190 尖子獲領展大學生獎學金

The Link University Scholarship provides support to students who are the first among three generations of their families to attend a local university. The programme has granted 750 scholarships totalling more than $15 million to university students since its inception in 2015, helping talented scholars expand their horizons through community engagement and internship opportunities. This year, a new batch of 190 scholars was selected on the programme’s interview day by a judging panel comprising representatives from government and related bodies, the education sector, media, the welfare sector and Link.


From Participants of the Interview Day

A student participant

“Not only does the scholarship scheme provide financial support to students, but it also helps expand our horizon through internship and exchange opportunities.”


“The interview participants performed well in various areas, including care for society, self-reflection, communication and teamwork.”


Dr Luk Che-chung
Hospital Authority’s Cluster Chief Executive
for Hong Kong East

“Since the scholars are not from a privileged background, the scholarship programme can offer them practical help and recognise their efforts in reaching their goals.”


Leung Kee-cheong
Former principal of the Fresh Fish Traders’ School

Unleashing Dreams via Street Art


Ronnie Fong (left) and Nam Kwan (right)

Young people like expressing themselves with street art. The “We Are Top Crew” project speaks to this desire, supporting young people as they follow their dreams in street art in a bid to boost their self-confidence and develop their vocational skills. Run by Culture Power Charity Foundation, a start-up charity organisation providing youth services in New Territories West, the project offers young street artists opportunities to showcase their talents and to acquire new skills in event organisation.

Director of Culture Power Charity Foundation Nam Kwan said, “As a new charity organisation with a relatively short service history, we have difficulties in securing funding support. Since ‘Link Together Initiatives’ focuses on NGOs’ abilities to respond to current social problems rather than only on past experience, we decided to seek support in the hope of winning Link’s approval with our creativity and sincerity.”

“In our work we often come across young night drifters, who are seen as being detached from society. Link’s malls located in different communities offer a bridge to these young people, giving them a chance to reconnect with the community by providing them with venues for performance and practice, which is a big help to our project,” she continued.

Kwan referred to the NGO’s most impressive case, in which a skateboard-loving, withdrawn youth, with the encouragement and guidance of its team, changed his ways, and picked up an interest in photography. As a team leader in photography for a street dance contest, he took well-composed photos that caught the eye of a sponsor, and he is now working his way towards becoming a professional photographer.

Regarding the “We Are Top Crew” project, Project Development Officer Ronnie Fong said, “Our overnight outreach team proactively reaches out to youths in ball courts and parks, and breaks the ice with conversation starters surrounding their favourite street art. Supported by ‘Link Together Initiatives’, our project provides training and performance opportunities relating to four street art types – skateboarding, street dance, rapping and graffiti. The training programme consists of three units: pre-event preparatory work, covering event planning, budgeting and proposal writing; event day operations, covering the use of stage equipment; and post-event work such as the editing of event footage and the production of relevant publicity collateral."

Lik Heng, leader of the street dance team, said, “After gaining more opportunities to perform in front of others. I feel more positive with people seeing and showing appreciation for my skills.”

“On completing the training, the young beneficiaries get to put what they’ve learned to use, including showcasing their new skills as well as the artistic talent they have cultivated for years at events staged at Link’s malls. We have volunteers helping at our events, which allows our young beneficiaries to get to know people from different backgrounds,” added Fong.








“We Are Top Crew”

"We Are Top Crew"
On the project’s name, Kwan said, “It has a dual meaning in Chinese, denoting both our service area of Yuen Long, Tin Shui Wai and Tuen Mun as well as the sense of serendipity that brings our organisation and young people from the community together to build a ‘top crew’ through this platform.”

有關項目名字「緣 ∙ 天團」的意思,關婉怡表示:「『緣 ∙ 天團』頗有文青感覺,且有雙重意思。名字既點出元朗、天水圍及屯門三個服務地區,亦寓意我們以深宵外展方式接觸社區內的青年,是緣份把我們連繫起來,期望透過這個平台成就『神級團隊』,讓青年於藝術方面發光發熱。」

A Life-Changing Opportunity

Ten years ago, Nam Kwan was serving at a social welfare organisation and Ronnie Fong was a 20-year-old lacking direction. Their paths crossed on the street.

Ronnie was a classic street kid. Without much talent for studying and without solid goals in life, he sometimes worked part-time and wandered the streets after dark. One night, Ronnie fell onto Nam’s radar while street-dancing with his friends. Nam handed over her contact details to this young man while waiting for her bus, since her organisation happened to have job opportunities for teenagers. That’s how their paths were linked by fate.

That first job opportunity offered by Nam turned into a four-year work commitment for Ronnie. In the second year, Ronnie’s attitude started to change. He became more dedicated and responsible, taking up more duties at work. Transforming from a street youth into a leader of two fund-raising teams, Ronnie was satisfied with his new path and was grateful to Nam for the chance to unleash his potential.

Soon enough, Nam and Ronnie came into working together in another organisation. Realising his academic limitations, he told Nam his desire to further his studies and later enrolled in an advanced diploma in psychology and counselling.

Ronnie recently graduated from the advanced diploma programme – a big step for this former street kid. “If it weren’t for Nam, I wouldn’t be who I am today,” said Ronnie.

Though not a registered social worker herself, Nam has worked in different social welfare organisations for over a decade, dedicating her life to youth service. Two years ago, she joined the newly established Culture Power Charity Foundation, where she started the “We are Top Crew” project this year to provide young people with opportunities to showcase their talent in art and support them to realise their dreams in their favourite street art form. “As a start-up organisation, we hope to break out of established frameworks and fill the gaps in youth service with innovative means,” said Nam.

Once again, Nam and Ronnie work side by side with passion and a shared dream. As the organisation’s only employees, they are giving it their best shot despite having few resources. “This is an adventure and we are willing to brave it,” Nam said.







阿南雖然不是註冊社工,卻在不同社福機構工作逾十載,心始終繫於青少年服務。兩年前加入新成立的文化動力慈善基金,今年推出「緣∙天團」計劃,期望為青年人提供展現其藝術才華的機會,支持他們在心儀街頭藝術範疇實現夢想。「作為初創機構,我們希望可以打破制度框架,以創新的方法填補社會青年服務的不足。」 機構現時只有阿南跟Ronnie二人,憑著一顆熱誠,抱持著同一個夢,就算缺乏資源也要放手一搏,「這是一場冒險,但我們願意嘗試。」

Empowering Healthy Ageing
大銀教大人 樂齡展身心

Edith Fung

NGO Big Silver Community specialises in raising public awareness on ageing issues and elderly care. Through print and online media and public engagement events, it strives to advance an age-friendly community in Hong Kong. Edith Fung, the NGO’s Chief Community Development Officer, explains how its new “Big Silver Well-being Community” scheme, sponsored by Link Together Initatives, leverages Link's network to extend Big Silver Community’s service reach.

With staff comprising mainly veteran journalists and social workers, the NGO taps into their professional skills to promote health protection and happiness in old age. Fung said, “Our strength lies in using print and social media to share useful information on health protection and active ageing with the public, including caretakers of different ages and seniors. As part of the ‘Big Silver Well-being Community’ project, we are launching a new monthly publication Big Zine on health protection, which will be distributed at Link’s shopping centres to reach a wider section of the community.”

Of the Big Zine, which she sees as a practical, interesting publication, Fung said, “Supported by lively illustrations, each issue focuses on a particular organ and offers readers health information presented in an approachable format. By providing useful health insights, such as the gradual loss of the sense of taste, the publication helps caretakers better understand seniors’ needs.”

Through community engagement events like book clubs, workshops and talks, Big Silver Community promotes two-way communication between health experts and the public on topics related to health and elderly care. Fung said, “We held health talks in our care station in Yau Ma Tei for members of the public to have direct discussions with health experts, and learn about useful community services. Under this new programme sponsored by Link, we are able to organise health talks and mini expos in various local communities, building on our experience in community engagement. We believe that Link’s extensive network and strong community ties will enable our events to reach more people.”

“Following the publication of each issue, we will organise a health talk in a Link mall or community centre, where members of the public will be able to have their questions answered by health experts and get a better understanding of the health topics featured in that issue. Link’s malls are frequented by residents nearby, we believe that the scheme will help take our health messages far and wide and promote the active-ageing concept in the community.”

On harnessing social media as a communication channel with the public, Fung noted, “We engage Internet-savvy groups by sharing health topics on our social media platforms and inviting nurses and social workers to write columns.”

Apart from offering financial and venue support, Link will also mobilise its staff volunteers to support the scheme. “After completing the training sessions, the volunteers from Link will have the chance to serve at public engagement events to deepen their knowledge of relevant topics, and to act as community ambassadors to promote healthy living.”

The NGO’s message to seniors is that ageing is a natural biological process that is not out of our control. Fung said, “There are actions we can take to manage health, like physical exercise, or eating healthily. By equipping seniors with the proper knowledge and enhancing their awareness on health issues, we seek to help them to take good care of their health and get the most enjoyment out of life.”

Big Silver Community’s Founder Sheds Light on
Ageing Issues
大銀Big Silver 創辦人關注高齡議題

Leila Chan, founder of Big Silver, is an independent journalist covering sustainability issues including waste, urban farming, ageing and palliative care in the community. In 1993, Chan started her career as political journalist and then feature writer. Her bestselling books Food Waste and Death in Hong Kong won the Hong Kong Book Prize in 2012 and 2014 respectively. Her recently released book series Rest In Peace Hong Kong: caring and choices not only has attracted extensive media coverage, but it was also honoured with the Hong Kong Publishing Biennial Awards.

In 2015, Leila co-founded the Big Silver Community to mobilise our society to continuously innovate, experiment on and refine solutions related to ageing through solutions journalism.

大銀Big Silver創辦人陳曉蕾是獨立記者,長期關注可持續發展議題,包括環保及生死教育議題,深切關懷社會。她於1993年入行,曾經報導政治新聞及社會專題;2009年開始獨立採訪,報導發表在各大媒體及出版書籍,探討香港食物浪費問題的《剩食》,以及反思香港人最後一程醫護選擇的《死在香港》,先後獲得2012及2014年香港書獎,《香港好走》系列報導得到第一屆香港出版雙年獎最佳出版及金閱獎。

2015年她創辦慈善機構大銀Big Silver,結合媒體及社會創新,關注香港高齡化,致力促成跨界合作。

大銀Big Silver致力提高公眾對人口高齡化及長者照顧事宜的關注,並通過印刷及社交媒體,以及公眾參與活動,推動長者及年齡友善社區。該社福機構的總社區發展主任馮笑霞表示,全新項目「大人健康社區」獲得「愛∙匯聚計劃」贊助,將充分利用領展的資源,令更多社群受惠。



大銀Big Silver亦有舉辦讀書會、工作坊、講座等社區活動,促進醫護專業與公眾交流健康資訊及安老資源。馮笑霞說:「我們曾在油麻地大人站舉行健康講座,讓街坊和醫護專家面對面討論,得到合用的社區服務。新項目得到領展的支持,我們將利用過往舉辦社區參與活動的經驗,在多個社區舉辦健康講座及展覽會。我們深信,領展的廣泛網絡及深厚的社區聯繫有助把活動帶入社區,接觸更多市民。」



Empowering Healthy Ageing 大銀教大人 樂齡展身心


大銀Big Silver期望向長者帶出一個健康訊息,即身體老化過程,並非完全無法掌控。馮笑霞說:「生活注重運動及健康飲食等,均有助管理健康。我們希望就保健題目提高長者的認知及意識,協助他們享受健康樂齡人生。」


Interview videos about the three new projects and a list of Big Zine’s distribution points will be posted on
Link Together Initiatives’ social media channel:


Forging an Expert Network

Big Silver Community’s work in increasing public awareness and knowledge of health and ageing has benefited from the support of external advisors in various disciplines. Fung said, “With years of experience in producing health publications, we have built a broad network of professionals from the medical field and other disciplines. This has enabled us to give advice to the public on a wide range of ageing-related health topics.”

大銀Big Silver一直推動公眾對健康及人口高齡化的認知,其工作獲得不同領域的專業顧問支持。馮笑霞說:「我們多年來出版健康刊物,因而建立了由醫學及其他專業界別人士組成的網絡,支援我們就活躍樂齡相關議題為公眾提供建議。」
Forging an Expert Network

Dream the Impossible
Dream in Silver Theatre


Brenda Chan

"Inspirational Drama Programme for Elderly”, a new service project funded by Link Together Initiatives, taps into the transformative power of professional theatrical training and performance to help the elderly lead an active life, and build a second career in art. This innovative service project is organised by Arts’ Options, an organisation committed to promoting life education through art activities. The organisation’s director, Brenda Chan, who is also an experienced theatre practitioner, offered her perspectives on unlocking the artistic potential of seniors to help them achieve personal breakthroughs.

Regarding the programme’s genesis, Chan said, “Many seniors may have harboured the dream of becoming an actor when they were young, but never had the chance to realise it owing to family and other reasons. Having contributed so much to society, they should now do more for themselves by living their long-held dream. In my case, I was able to become a professional actor through persistence and dedication. Now I want to help others fulfil their own dreams and become professional actors through theatrical training.”

“Far from being an interest class, our programme targets seniors with passion for drama and grooms them into professional actors and actresses. Stage skills entail practice. As a rule of thumb, for each minute on the stage, one needs to spend one hour practising and rehearsing. The reward will be great for those who make it through the training – the realisation of a lifelong dream and the potential of a fulfilling second career in acting,” she noted.

The programme will reach out to seniors in various districts. Experience workshops will be provided to spark interest in theatre performance. Chan said, “Forty seniors will be selected to undergo seven months of professional training. Upon completion of the training, they will be offered acting roles in theatre productions, and will be able to form their own professional theatre group. In Hong Kong, there are not many theatre groups formed by seniors. Our longer-term goal is to see our group members take up roles in the productions of other theatre groups, and embark on exchange opportunities with elderly theatre groups in other countries.”

On the NGO’s partnership with Link, she said, “We are glad to have Link, a company with strong roots in the community, as our partner for this project. Link is one of the very few organisations in Hong Kong willing to give so much to community projects. Link’s extensive service network and understanding of community needs will be a great support to our objectives. Through public performance, and the chance to start a theatre career, we hope to better connect seniors to the community.”

“Seniors often underestimate their abilities and refrain from taking up new challenges. As its name suggests, the programme inspires seniors to have confidence in their abilities through professional theatre training that supports their re-entry to the labour market. We want to impress on them that old age is the start of a golden age. There’s no better time to seize the day and make the most of their time!”

Regarding the challenges and benefits of helping seniors master acting, she noted, “With their rich life experience, seniors can be more versatile in expressing themselves emotionally and can more easily get in tune with their theatrical roles. Focus and courage are important qualities to have for theatrical mastery. The programme participants need to step out of their comfort zone, and see this as the start of a new phase in life. As they dive into different roles, they will also gain new perspectives to better reflect on the rich lives they’ve lived.”

Arts’ Options舉辦的「長∙智∙戲」長者戲劇藝術啟導計劃,為領展「愛∙匯聚計劃」今年贊助的新項目,藉著戲劇表演的力量推動樂齡生活,協助長者建立第二個事業。該機構董事陳桂芬本身是資深舞台工作者,她對於如何釋放長者藝術潛力,以取得個人突破,有其一番見解。







Dream the Impossible
Dream in Silver Theatre

Rich Life Experience Supports Role Mastery
豐富人生歷練 角色演繹得心應手

A theatre veteran of 30 years, Chan first got interested in drama in secondary school. Working as a tour guide after graduation, she lived a hectic life, juggling between work and drama practice. Theatre gave her the power to focus, which has been useful in helping her fulfil different roles in life, spanning business, family and her work in the performing arts.

Chan’s experience has served her well. In one of her first roles 30 years ago, she played the lead in “The Woman with 27 Children”. In 2018, she had the opportunity to play the same role, but with a much deeper understanding of the character’s emotions thanks to the life experience she had amassed in the intervening years. Her memorable, nuanced performance earned her the best leading actress award in stage drama in 2018. True to her motto of “Dream the impossible dream”, Chan has followed her dreams with passion and conviction, and she has made her mark along the way.

Joining hands with other veterans in the performing arts, Chan founded Arts’ Options in 2011 to promote local art culture in Hong Kong as well as the core virtues of being genuine and empathetic via different art forms.

加入戲劇界近30年的陳桂芬,於中學時期已愛上戲劇,畢業後當過導遊,嘗過日間上班、工餘時間排戲的忙碌日子。演戲讓她學懂凡事專注,助她同時兼顧生意、家庭和舞台劇,演好人生路上不同的角色。她指出,人生經歷對於演員至為重要,30年前她曾擔當《27個小孩的媽媽》一劇主角,2018年再演同一角色,因為歷練多了,對角色感受有更深理解,演繹更加深刻細膩,令她在2018年贏得舞台劇獎最佳女主角。她的座右銘是「追尋不可能的夢 (Dream the impossible dream)」。對戲劇的熱切追求,令她於業界取得驕人成就。

陳桂芬於2011年與多位資深藝術工作者創立Arts’ Options,推動本地文化藝術氛圍,透過不同的藝術形式,向公眾推廣並宣揚真誠和同理心等核心價值。


Theatrical Performance as a Transformative Force

As a seasoned theatre professional who has helped people of different age groups, Chan shared two cases that demonstrate the life-changing effects of theatrical work. “I worked with a reticent young man who, through theatrical training, was turned into a confident, radiant performer – a transformation that even his mother found hard to believe! I also worked with a retired manual worker with a strong interest in scriptwriting. I encouraged him to base his creative work on people around him and his own reflections on life, and he went on to write a highly acclaimed play. Having seen the transformative effects theatre can have on people’s lives, my love and passion for the theatrical arts continues to grow.”

Theatrical Performance as a Transformative Force

Link Continues to Support Three Existing
Community Projects

Link Continues to Support Three Existing
Community Projects

In addition to adding three new projects, Link Together Initiatives has continued to sponsor the following three existing community projects this year.


Bo Charity Foundation's “Food Angel – Love & Food
Sharing and Education”

Bo Charity Foundation's "Food Angel – Love & Food
Sharing and Education"
Help the needy through surplus food collection from Link’s markets and shopping centres

Hong Kong Guide Dogs Association's “Guide Dogs
Training and Public Education”

Hong Kong Guide Dogs Association's "Guide Dogs
Training and Public Education"
Support the development of guide dog services to promote an inclusive community

Po Leung Kuk's “Silver Age Got Talent”

Po Leung Kuk's "Silver Age Got Talent"
Promote active ageing through training and performance opportunities in clowning and other skills for seniors

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