Corporate News
Officiated by Link Chairman Nicholas Allen and CEO, George Hongchoy, together with SFC Chairman Tim Lui, the hybrid event, which kicked off a series of celebratory activities, was a resounding success with the majority of guests joining virtually, marking this momentous day with our Board of Directors and management team.

Link Turns 15

This year represents a significant milestone for Link REIT, as we celebrate the 15th anniversary of our debut on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.

Echoing the theme “Growing Brighter with You for 15 Years”, Link’s 15th anniversary celebration featured a wide array of activities highlighting and reinforcing Link’s strong relationships with its stakeholders and customers. These include displaying the celebration’s theme on The Quayside’s roof-top LED panel, rebranding Link’s retail assets in Mainland China and launching an interactive Mainland China website to enhance Link’s brand presence and stakeholder communications in both Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Concurrently, a new corporate video was released, and a series of thematic posters and communications appeared in various media and Link’s offices and properties, showcasing how we have linked people to a brighter future, and reiterating our vision of serving and enhancing the lives of those around us.

In addition, “Project Together” was rolled out as part of the anniversary celebration. Tapping our expertise in asset enhancement, “Project Together” will help NGOs in our portfolio carry out refurbishment and repair works over the next five years by building on our partnerships to create value for the community and working hand in hand with our contractors and suppliers.

Link's Latest Corporate Video

Searching for his muse, an artist walks through the city where he meets people from all walks of life. He brings these people together to create an elaborate work of art by connecting strands of string. The string is symbolic of Link’s commitment to creating shared value and positive impact for the community, and it is connecting people to a brighter future.