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December 2019 Edition

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Creative Services for Greater Social Impact
創新慈善項目 迎合社區所需

Through our flagship charity programme, Link Together Initiatives, we contribute an amount of up to 0.25% of our net property income annually to help charitable organisations launch service projects. Now in its seventh year, this programme brings to mind the commitment we made early on to community sustainability. As a REIT, Link cannot make monetary donations to community causes without securing our unitholders’ approval. To give ourselves leeway in making charitable donations, we went the extra mile in 2012 by seeking our unitholders’ approval to change the trust deed for a charity and community engagement programme, which is how the Initiatives came about.

This programme has come very far since its inception in 2013, having earmarked a cumulative $75.5 million to projects serving communities near our properties in the areas of resources management, youth empowerment and active ageing. By stepping up our partnership with the welfare sector, we aim to deliver stronger social impact with our charitable giving.

Thanks to the staunch support of our partners, including the Hong Kong Council of Social Service and various NGOs, we have been breaking new ground with the programme. Highlighting the welfare sector’s strong reception, nearly 100 representatives from NGOs attended the programme’s briefing session this year, and 48 funding applications were received.

The grants this year include three projects operated by NGOs with a strong passion for improving people’s well-being. These projects offer novel ways to drive change and serve young people and seniors. In this issue of Channel 823, we invited leaders from these three NGOs to share with us their new approaches to promoting worthwhile community causes.

The Initiatives also support the Link University Scholarship, which is awarded to worthy scholars who are the first among three generations of their families to attend university, enabling them to pursue their dreams and expand their horizons. This youth empowerment programme attracted 800 applications this year, from which 190 scholarship recipients were chosen.

Leveraging our visionary creativity, we will continue to build on the Initiatives and promote new ideas in charitable endeavours, helping our communities thrive and prosper.

George Hongchoy
Chief Executive Officer








Creative Services for Greater Social Impact
創新慈善項目  迎合社區所需
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