ISSUE 010 季刊 | Winter 2013 Edition
驚嚇狂歡 同度
with Delight and Fright




The Link's annual staff party was held on 13 September this year. A total of 2,200 people, including staff as well as their families and friends, stepped into Disneyland's "Haunted Halloween" to experience a night of delight and fright.

In the afternoon, staff members from different districts across Hong Kong met up in the "Theater in the Wild" for the staff party and lucky draw. This year, winners of the first three prizes were announced in an exciting and innovative way. The prize presenter, CEO of The Link Management Limited, George Hongchoy, called the winners onto the stage by the phone. All staff members had their mobile phones ready, hoping to become one of the lucky ones to receive a call from George!

George also expressed his appreciation for the efforts that staff members made throughout the year. He highlighted that all their contributions had not only driven the sustainable growth of the business, but had also enabled it to achieve international recognition as The Link REIT has just been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacific Index.

George Hongchoy, CEO of The Link Management Limited, called the winners of the lucky draw onto the stage.

George Hongchoy, CEO of The Link Management Limited, called the winners of the lucky draw onto the stage.

  • 助理市場推廣經理
    Assistant Marketing Manager
  • 項目策劃主任(租務項目)
    Project Officer (Tenancy Project)
  • 助理項目經理╱
    Assistant Project Manager / Senior Project Officer (Building Services)
  • 風險管理主任
    Risk Management Officer
  • 文員
  • 高級公司秘書主任
    Senior Company Secretarial Officer
  • 企業傳訊主任
    Corporate Communications Officer (G&CE)
  • 高級租務主任/租務主任
    Senior Leasing Officer /
    Leasing Officer (Retail)
  • 室內設計師
    Interior Designer
  • 高級法律顧問
    Senior Legal Counsel
  • 租務規管助理╱文員
    Leasing Assistant / Clerk
  • 高級市場推廣主任
    Senior Marketing Officer
  • 工程及保養主任
    Maintenance Officer
  • 高級物業主任/物業主任
    Senior Property Officer / Property Officer (Fresh Market)
  • 項目策劃經理
    Project Manager (E&M)
  • 技術助理(工程及保養)
    Technical Assistant
    (Repair & Maintenance)
  • 項目策劃主任
    Project Officer
  • 租約事務助理
    Tenancy Administration Assistant
  • 項目主任(暢通無阻通道)
    Project Officer (BFA)

Elevator Talk

抱負 Vision

於2012/13年度,領匯公布「20/20抱負」─ 以2010年作參照,訂立在2020年或之前減少20%年度能源消耗的目標。這個目標奠定我們管理能源消耗的策略,引領我們成為更環保的企業,改善地區空氣質素和減少溫室氣體排放。

In 2012/13 The Link announced its 20/20 Vision, which sets a target of achieving a 20% reduction in annual energy consumption by 2020, using 2010 as a reference. This target will guide the company to become more environmentally sound through the strategic management of its energy consumption, while contributing to improving air quality throughout the region and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Hong Kong.


Editorial Board

  • 張廣仁 Claudio Cheung
  • 何嘉善 Kassy Ho
  • 黃健欣 Jackie Huang
  • 關凱臨 Calvin Kwan
  • 林國泰 Tony Lam
  • 劉煉明 Jimmy Lau
  • 梁可茵 Gladys Leung
  • 潘啟迪 KT Poon
  • 鄧欣欣 Dorothy Tang
  • 楊美雲 Emily Yeung
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