A Satisfying Job with Joy and Fulfilment

Angela Chiu, General Manager of Link Property Management Services Limited, joined Link in 2005. She is currently responsible for managing more than 80 colleagues and 30 properties in Kowloon.

Patrick Chan, Senior Manager for Community Relations of Link Asset Management Limited, joined in 2004. He initially managed shopping malls, and then turned to fresh market management. Now he is in charge of community relations.

Adapting and growing together

Angela’s and Patrick’s long tenures say a lot about the skills they bring to Link – as well as Link’s positive work culture. When asked about the reasons for their long-term service, Angela and Patrick both agreed that their various jobs at Link over the years have challenged them in a variety of ways.

Recalling her reason for joining Link, Angela said at that time, Link was at the stage of transforming from a public to private company in what was one of Hong Kong’s biggest-ever transformations. Angela thought it would be quite challenging to bring private management experience and high-quality customer service to the company, so she decided to become part of it.

On the other hand, Patrick said accepting challenges is part of his personality, which is why he has always been eager to try various opportunities in different departments. So when Link set up a fresh market team under the property management department, Patrick volunteered to join. The most memorable thing for Patrick from this experience was being a market guide. Patrick recalled the time when high-level officials from the Municipal Affairs Bureau of Macau came to Hong Kong to visit Link’s fresh markets. They wanted to update and upgrade Macau’s fresh markets, and Patrick introduced the concept of Link’s market renovations. After the officials returned to Macau, they renovated Macau's markets, including hardware (such as amenities) as well as software (such as teaching tenants how to set up their stalls in a more visually pleasing manner).

“One encounter, one chance”

During Patrick’s 15 years of work, he has held onto the belief that one needs to flexibly adapt to one’s environment, as new situations arise every day.

“I would not have been able to stay at Link for so long if I had practised the same routine all the time,” he said.

Only by accepting changes have I been able to continue to grow at Link. Working in different positions has given me more skills and flexibility, enabling me to adapt and succeed at work – and in my personal life as well.

In her managerial role, Angela believes that it is important to slow down and listen patiently to others’ voices to facilitate her daily work. "Over the years, I have worked hard together with my colleagues to write plans, handle customer enquiries, improve customer service quality and deal with emergencies. There have been hard times, but the satisfaction of solving problems with the team is priceless," she said. "It doesn’t take a single hero to do the job – it takes teamwork. As long as we’re all working in sync, any problem can be solved."

When facing difficulties, Angela thinks of them like a series of high jumps. The greater the challenge, the bolder she gets. And, after giving it her all, she often finds that what seemed difficult is actually a piece of cake. "A lot of things can't be predicted too much. I like the concept of ‘one encounter, one chance’, which compels you to only do something once, but to do it well. This guides me to do my daily work with concentration and sincerity."

This consistent effort and the pursuit of perfection also happen to embody the spirit of Link. It’s no wonder, then, that Angela and Patrick have proven to be such valuable team members over the past 15 years. Here’s hoping for 15 more.