CEO's Views

The Quayside Lit Up

On 25 November, the day marking our 15th anniversary, we hosted a lighting ceremony at The Quayside to mark our growth journey with our stakeholders, including those from the business, government and NGO sectors. We were proud to see the building's rooftop LED panel illuminated, which displays the anniversary celebration theme of "Growing Brighter with You for 15 Years". Commemorating our crystal anniversary with the many people we have worked with means a lot to us.

This event was made even more meaningful by its location. The Quayside is not only our headquarters, but also an office development project we undertook to venture outside a retail-focused portfolio. With this asset and the many acquisitions we have made over the years, we have steadily enhanced our asset portfolio, shifting from operating retail facilities in Hong Kong to a more diversified business through expansion to new geographies and new asset classes. From our home in Hong Kong, we now manage a diversified portfolio covering retail facilities, car parks and offices spanning Hong Kong, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, London and Sydney.

Proud as we are of this increasingly diversified portfolio, what makes us tick as a real estate investor and manager is our ability to enhance people’s lives and create lasting social value in many ways. Over these 15 years, we have completed 87 asset enhancement projects to enrich the shopping experience, marked a new chapter for Hong Kong’s fresh market sector by introducing modern markets with new formats, and supported charitable causes in youth empowerment, active ageing and resource management. We have also promoted green financing with pioneering efforts in sustainability financing. Our achievements in sustainable development are recognised internationally through our inclusion in major sustainability indexes.

The fact that we are marking our 15th anniversary in a year when community life has been disrupted by a global pandemic is a stark reminder of the need for us to remain agile, innovative and attuned to what our community needs. Going forward, we will continue to embrace changes, stay forward-looking and customer-focused to make our assets relevant to all we serve, and – as always – link people to a brighter future.

George Hongchoy
Chief Executive Officer