Capturing Hearts and Minds

"Come on, Angela, you can smile better than that,” laughed Jacky Au Yeung as he snapped a photo of Angela. Angela, who has worked for Link for 15 years, laughed. "I’ve watched Jacky grow up. He began taking photos for us when he was just a young man." Indeed, over the years, this talented freelance photographer has taken photos for Link for more than 600 times.

"The first job that I did for Link was one of the first three jobs in my career," Jacky recalled. "In the beginning, I used a film camera to take photos. Later, it evolved to digital photography.”

Jacky said that technology is advancing, along with how we communicate through different media. “In my years of working with Link, I have had to stay abreast of these changes,” he said. “After all, taking photos is like telling stories. I hope that in the future, I can continue telling compelling visual stories about Link and its people."