Happy Dining at Link

Link’s shopping malls offer a wide selection of restaurants spanning different cuisines at reasonable prices, providing customers with a wealth of delicious options. Among a number of eateries, Taste of Asia is a restaurant group that has started an exceptional and remarkable journey with Link since 2007.

Taste of Asia’s founder, Decade Orr Chun-Ping, has successfully expanded the group over the years, and it now operates 13 F&B brands spanning cha chaan teng eateries, bakeries, as well as restaurants that serve Singaporean, Thai and Vietnamese fusion cuisines. Many of these restaurants are located in Link shopping malls.

Diverse F&B brands to cater to different tastes

Taste of Asia Group is confident of the success of its businesses located in Link properties, as these are neighbourhood malls with excellent connectivity and stable footprints. Mr Orr said, “These malls have well-planned and balanced tenant mixes, which help avoid cannibalisation and provide room for us to establish new brands. They are also ideal pilot locations – over 90% of our new brands started in Link’s malls.”

Although establishing a new brand often takes lots of time and manpower to do things such as injecting fresh elements and creating new menus, having multiple and diverse F&B brands can often bring excitement to existing customers and attract more new diners. “Link’s shopping malls conduct asset enhancement regularly to improve the customer experience,” said Mr Orr.

To align with the malls’ revised positioning and to better target customers, we are happy to make improvements in our outlets too, and we remain committed to continuously enhancing our service to meet the malls’ increasing standards in management and hygiene.

Never stop breaking through

Beginning his F&B journey by running a small cha chaan teng eatery serving traditional local food, Mr Orr never stops exploring new possibilities and always takes an innovative approach to cater to customers’ changing preferences, such as providing more healthy food options and takeaway food. His cha chaan teng eateries utilise cold press technology when making fresh lemon tea to keep the lemons’ dietary fibre and nutrition.

All these actions form Mr Orr’s unique recipe for success: grab every opportunity and turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.